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Aravinth Kumarasamy Apsaras ArtsARAVINTH KUMARASAMY (Creative and Managing Director)
Aravinth Kumarasamy has been working with the Sathyalingams at Apsaras Arts since 1990 and is the creative and managing director at Apsaras Arts since 2005. A multi-talented artiste, Aravinth is involved in Indian dance, music, theatre and other related fields and is a prominent figure in the international Indian arts community. Aravinth's creations at Apsaras Arts have been acclaimed as world class seamlessly blending innovative choreography based on traditional dance vocabulary, thereby progressively redefining the boundaries of Bharatanatyam ensemble work. Aravinth is trained in both Indian classical dance and music. He is the proud recipient of several awards including the Singapore's "Young Artiste Award" by the National Arts Council of Singapore, "Bhartha Kala Mani" by Apsaras Arts, Singapore,"Nrithya Vaarithi" by Padmashri Vazhuvoor Ramaiya Pillai, Chennai, India, and "Kala Sadhana" by AruSri Art Theatre, Sri Lanka. For his contributions to Indian Dance, he was honored by the Mayor of Croydon, UK in 2011.


Aravinth is an Artistic Director, Composer, Choreographer, Musician, Arts Activist, Producer, Transcultural Collaborator, Researcher, Arts Presenter, Speaker and a Peace Ambassador. He also sits on the advisory board of National Arts Council of Singapore, and on the talent advisory board of the People's Association of Singapore. For more informaition on Aravinth Kumarasamy MusicSG 




Aravinth Kumarasamy Apsaras ArtsMOAHANAPRIYAN THAVARAJAH (Resident Choreographer, Dance Isntructor and Dance Artiste)
Mohanapriyan Thavarajah hailing from Batticaloa, Srilanka is an excellent and versatile Bharathanatayam and Kuchippudi artiste, and has performed all over India, Sri Lanka, Singapore and Europe. He is a gold medal holder for both Bachelor's and Master's Degree in Bharathanatyam with distinction, awarded by Bharathidasan University, India. He has taught Bharathanatyam as a member of the faculty at Kalai Kaveri Collage for Fine Arts, India. Mohanapriyan has been the member of the AruSri Arts Theatre , Sri Lanka. Since 2012, he has been with Apsaras Arts, Singapore as its choreographer, dance artiste and instructor. Mohanapriyan is an innovative choreographer, some of his recent choreography contributions include Sita's Magical Forest, Glimpses of Angkor, The Heroines of Raja Ravi Varma , Aanada Thanavam and Mehala. .


Mohanapriyan has been awarded the titles of "Valarum Saathanaiyaalar", "Naatiya Kalai Arasan", Swami Vivekananda Award, "Nadana Kalai Arasan" and "Natya Sadhana" in appreciation to his dance performances in India. Mohanapriyan regularly writes articles on dance for publications in India and Sri Lanka.




Aravinth Kumarasamy Apsaras ArtsSEEMA HARIKUMAR (Dance Isntructor and Dance Artiste)
Seema Harikumar is one of the prominent dancers among the new generation of Bharatanatyam dancers of Singapore. Nimble movements and the pristine purity of her expressions, enhanced by her intrinsic charisma and irrepressible cheerfulness, create spellbinding magic, holding the watcher in thrall. Seema Harikumar graduated in Bharathanatyam at Apsaras Arts under the tuteldge of Neila Sathyalingam and has traveled widely with Apsaras Arts at international arts festivals in Australia, India, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Bali and Thailand, performed in 2010 at the Natya Kala conference in Chennai for the music and dance season as well as in a landmark programme for the 1,000th anniversary of the Tanjore temple. Seema has been a core member of numerous creative productions of Apsaras Arts including Sivakami, Aarupadai, Chidambara Rahasyam, Aalam, Temple Dancer and Nirmanika, Dvayam, The Heroines of Raja Ravi Varma, and Glimpses of Angkor.