DEVATA – Friends of Apsaras Arts, a sponsorship and membership programme that  aims to fuel the next lap of growth and development for the homegrown dance company. DEVATA (meaning angels in many Asian languages), would serve as the keystone in Apsaras Art's efforts to galvanise the community and corporates to contribute financially towards its growth and also to consolidate a fan base accumulated over decades to a sustainable membership community. DEVATA is a tiered membership programme to reward contributions with a comprehensive list of benefits. Targeted at individuals and organisations, these benefits include complimentary tickets to performances by Apsaras Arts, exclusive events, workshops and discounted rates at productions presented by affiliated partners. (Please download to Devata factsheet for full list of benefits and program details)


"As a dance company, I am extremely proud and pleased with our achievements so far. Now, we are ready to take Indian classical dance in the region to the next level and we hope to catalyse this transformation with the help of our sponsors and supporters through the DEVATA programme. Every dollar we garner through the programme would go a long way in making a difference to Indian classical dance in Singapore – it would ensure that capable classically-trained dancers can bravely put their foot forward to pursue their passion full-time. Developing our local talents in this ancient art and fortifying the entire classical Indian dance industry through initiatives such as Dance India Asia Pacific would ensure Singapore's legacy in the contribution towards growing Indian classical dance worldwide." – Neila Sathyalingam, Founder, Apsaras Arts.