Apsaras Arts is well-known for its innovative dance productions based on unique concepts which have been presented locally and on international tours and festivals. Over the years, Apsaras Arts’ fanbase has increased and diversified to include audiences from varied nationalities and cultural backgrounds. This heartening trend has served as a clear testament to the dance company’s efforts in innovating the ancient Indian art form in serving the increasingly globalised appetite of the audiences for Indian classical dance.

For centuries, the ancient Indian epic The Ramayana has captured the imagination of Asia with its universal themes of righteousness, love, loyalty and frailty. One of the most beloved characters in the story is the monkey god Hanuman, who plays a crucial role in Prince Rama’s quest to rescue his wife, Sita, from the 10-headed demon king Ravana.

Follow the life and adventures of Hanuman, from the time of his birth, to his meeting with the exiled Prince Rama, and to the heroic battle against Ravana and his forces. Watch the story unfold through dance and music, and bear witness to the birth of The Ramayana when Hanuman encounters its author Maharishi Valmiki.

Conceptualised by Apsaras Arts, this cross-cultural production puts together a creative team from around Asia including Era Dance Theatre (Singapore), Kalakshetra Repertory Theatre (India) and Bimo Dance Theatre (Indonesia). It features an arresting juxtaposition of Indian and Southeast Asian depictions of the epic, told through bharatanatyam and Javanese dance and set to a stirring, original score.


Artistic Director: Aravinth Kumarasamy
Dramaturg: Lim How Ngean

Guest Artists: VP Dhananjayan, CK Balagopalan, Hari Padman, Lavanya Ananth & Roshni Pillay Kesavan.

Choreography: Mohanapriyan Thavarajah, Jayanthi Subrahmaniam, Osman Abdul Hamid & Hari Padman
Rehearsal Master : Renjith Babu

Lead Vocals: Abhishek Raguram & Savita Narasimhan

Music Composer: Dr Rajkumar Bharati
Music Co-Direction and Sound Design: Sai Shravanam

Lighting Design: Gyan Dev Singh

Visual Media Design: Himanshu Gosh

Costume Design: Mohanapriyan Thavarajah

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Ravana is the primary antagonist in the ancient Hindu epic Ramayana where he is depicted as a Rakshasa, the Great king of Lanka. Ravana is the son of Vishrava and Kaikesi and grandson of Pulastya.

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Sita recollects the episode of Rama trying to catch Maaricha disguised as the Golden Deer, a collaborative choreography of the dance genres of Indian classical dance – Bharatanatyam and Javanese classical dance. Featuring Kalakshetra alumni Vikas Parayalil from SIFAS, Singapore as Rama and Yuni Ratnasari from Indonesia as Sita.

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