Unravel the Wonders of Buddhist Monuments

“Añjasa” (pronounced as “Anyasa”) means “the path” in Pali, the classical language of Buddhism. In this sequel to Nirmanika – The Beauty of Architecture by Apsaras Arts, Añjasa explores the beauty of Buddhist temple architecture. The audience will journey through monuments including Mahadevi Temple in Nepal, Buddha Gaya Maha Bodhi Temple and Sanchi Stupa in India, Vattadage in Sri Lanka, the Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangoon, Bayon in Cambodia and the Borobudur in Indonesia.

This thematic dance presentation will also speak about the Buddhist emperors, Asoka and Jayavarman VII, who were iconic in the spread of Buddhism across Asia. Experience the wonders of Buddhist monuments through the expressions and movements of classical dance style, Bharatanatyam.

Artistic Mentorship – Neila Sathyalingam

Concept, Music Composition & Artistic Direction – Aravinth Kumarasamy

Choreography and Costume Design – Mohanapriyan Thavarajah

Narrative – Audrey Perera

Voicing – Amelia George

Light Design – Geneveive Peck (Singapore), Gyan Dev(India) K Murugan (India)

Dancers – Mohanapriyan Thavarajah, Seema Harikumar, Meera Balasubramanian, Banupriya Ponnarasu, Sangeetha Venkitt, Nikita Menon, Aarthi Devarajan, Brinda Balasubramaniam and Anandraj Jayaraj.

Musicians – T Ramanan (Mridangam), Sreedev Rajagopalan (Vocals), Bombay Anand (Violin) Prasanna Kumar (Percussions) Govindarajulu Naidu & Sruti Sagar (Flute), Anandanaraynan (Veena), Stanley Ang (Yang Chin) and Darrel Xin (Erhoo)

Wardrobe Managers

Selvy Radhakrishnan, Nagaletchumy Balasubramaniyam & Vijaya Nadeson

“Anjasa, a stunning Bharatanatyam production, took its audience on a journey through key Buddhist monuments in South East Asia. A team of fine dancers of the Apsaras Arts dance company, took their audience on a journey through key Buddhist monuments in South East Asia. Each monument’s segment was carefully thought out. And the result was captivating. The team deserves credit for their investmentin costumes which comprised an elaborate head gear and a mix of red and golden garments.”
– Archana Nathan for Friday Arts Review of The Hindu, Bangalore, India

“Anjasa explores the beauty of Buddhist temple architecture indeed ‘unravels’ the wonders of Buddhist monuments. As a work of art this production leaves an indelible impression and easily stands shoulder to shoulder in comparison with international theatrical dance productions.” 
– Dr Sunil Kothari, Scholar,Author & Dance Critic, India

“I was personally bowled over by Anjasa, which took us back to the glorious days of Buddhism. The costumes, props on the stage, brilliant choreography and the best combination of music and stagecraft was mindblowing. All credit goes to the artistic director Arvinth Kumaraswamy and the team of charming and dedicated dancers. Their passion and commitment to the divine art of dance have found them the right home at Apsara Arts.”
– G.Ulaganathan, Senior Dance Critic, Bengaluru, India

 “They came, they performed, they conquered.’ This is an apt description of the Singapore-based dance company Apsaras Arts, which recently toured South India. They impressed not only the audience, but also the connoisseurs of Indian classical dance forms. The troupe was elegant and professional, and didn’t strike a single note of discord throughout the performance.”
– Surekha Kadapa-Bose, Deccan Chronicle, Bangalore, India

 “The Shantanand Festival in hosting the production on its opening day yesterday (Nov 29) has indeed given Apsaras Arts the full blessings of all Malaysian art lovers.”
– R. Sittamparam

24th & 25th Ja 2015: Victoria Theatre,  

24 Sept 2016: Bangalore International Festival 2016, Chowdiah Hall, Bangalore

United Kingdom
10 Nov 2016: Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, London
12 Nov 2016: Capstone Theatre, Liverpool

29 Nov 2016: Shantanand Festival of Arts 2016 Shantanand Auditorium, Temple of Fine Arts,Kuala Lumpur

26 & 27 Nov 2016: Arts in the Neighbourhood Festival

Sri Lanka
4 Mar 2017: Nelum Pokkuna, Colombo

Sri Lanka
6 Mar 2017: Town Hall, Kandy


Añjasa is available for tours.

Please contact apsaras.arts@gmail.com / kumarasamy.aravinth@gmail.com for more information

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