Poetry in Movement

What happens when two artistes — the legendary Bharatanatyam dancer-choreographer, Padma Bhushan Alarmel Valli and the multi-faceted Aravinth Kumaraswamy, Artistic Director, Apsaras Arts — come together to have a conversation? Well, what unfolds is, magic! This session for the Dance India Asia Pacific was hosted by Seema of Apsaras Arts. Excerpts from an interview Looking … Read more

Like a rolling stone

“Imagine the evolution of the Margam as a sticky ball,” began Dr Swarnamalya Ganesh, in a tight, well-informed lecture titled The Evolution of the Margam that attempted to focus on the notion of the past, and its fantastic ability to move forward, including along the way a slew of eclectic influences, inspirations and imagination, “Now … Read more

The Dance of Life

When acclaimed Bharatanatyam dancer-choreographer decides to share her journey in re-imagining the solo, you know you are in for some precious lines you want to, as a dancer, remember, and keep re-visiting for life. Excerpts from a lecture Gratitude “When I thought about the title, Re-imagining the solo Bharatnatyam dance performance, I wanted to pause … Read more

The Aha Moment!

In the first-ever lecture demonstration exclusively focussed on music, Veena Dhanammal’s School (of Padams), the prolific and brilliant musician, Sangeetha Kalanidhi Vidushi Dr S Sowya took the participants of the Dance India Asia Pacific on an hour-long tour of the many qualities that not merely distinguish the Veena Dhanammal bani but also the many aspects … Read more

The Dance of Passion, and vice versa!

Who better than acclaimed dancer, Rama Vaidyanathan, who in her own words, called herself a perfect amalgam, a “hybrid of the North and South Indian culture of India” to capture and bring alive the essence of the thumri and her own journey with incorporating it into the vocabulary of Bharatanatyam. In a pre-recorded session where … Read more

Soul of the Soil

For the first time ever, in the history of Apsaras Arts’ Dance India Asia Pacific, participants were privy to a session exclusively dedicated to the history, practice and performance of Kandyan Dance by the Chitrasena Dance Company. Introducing the session, DIAP’s Curator, Aravinth Kumaraswamy said that it was a matter of great pride for the … Read more

Stream of Consciousness: Dance of Human Conscience

What makes the Silapathikaram, the epic Tamil text a dancer’s delight? Why do dancers keep returning, time and again, to engage, and immerse themselves in this text to find new meanings and metaphors in it and translate those nuances in their dance? This session was conduced by the sensitive and talented dancer, Mohanapriyan Thavarajah, Principal … Read more

Between the lines…

On Day 5 of the Dance India Asia Pacific 2020, Padmashri Dr Ileana Citaristi took participants on a journey of sancharis in the world of Odissi. Drawing from her own rich experience in traditional and experimental theatre from her place of birth, Italy, followed by her extensive training and mentoring in Odissi by the legendary … Read more

Dance of/in the now!

In a powerful and particularly relevant session titled, Re-imagining Dance during the Lockdown, acclaimed Kathak and contemporary dancer-choreographer, Aditi Mangaldas took participants of the Dance India Asia Pacific 2020 on a crystal clear journey into the creative thoughts, instincts and impulses that dictated and determined her artistic course over the last six months. “True art … Read more

In the light of…

“In the right light, at the right time, everything is extraordinary,” said Aaron Rose. Listening to Gyandev Singh’s hour-long lecture on his exploration and experience of engaging with Bharatanatyam productions and lighting them, for the Dance India Asia Pacific was the opportunity to appreciate how lighting becomes a “co-creator of sorts with the dancer on … Read more

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