“On Re-discovering the deep rootedness of Dance” : an Interview with Mrs V (Vijaya Nadesan)

By Vidhya Nair “I want my dancers to be informed and creative thinkers. They must explore, be uncluttered in their mind and apply the techniques of dance with skill and bring their audiences to a state of profound consciousness. This is the deep rootedness of Bharatanatyam and it has been my privilege to gain this … Read more

From the Book Shelf July 2020

KATHAK The Dance of Storytellers By Rachna Ramya Kathak – The Dance of the Story Tellers explores the philosophical and practice aspects of Kathak dance – its origin, development and techniques. Investigating this compelling dance style from cultural and historical perspectives, the book delves into the essential principles of Kathak, its schools and major artistes, … Read more

Añjasa – Unravel the Wonders of Buddhist Monuments

By Aravinth Kumarasamy Anjasa means “path” in Pali, and this production has led me and the artistes along a memorable journey, understanding, admiring and appreciating the spirit of Asians in their pursuit in search for peace and enlightenment. The “path” to the making of Añjasa has been very fulfilling,” says, Aravinth Kumarasamy, Artistic Director. This … Read more

Spotlight Series

On May 31st, Apsaras Arts held its 4th Spotlight Series Session with Dr Gowri Ramnarayan. In this session on the “Shaping of a Nayika – evolving characters onstage” Dr Gowri Ramnarayan used images from her theatre productions and shared the thought process behind them all. From the techniques used to shape characters such as Yasodhara, … Read more

Virtual Events May-June

by Vidhya Nair It has been a busy month for Apsaras Arts team over the months of May- June. From in depth interviews and discussions to cross-border experimental collaborations like “Twogether”; from insightful dialogues at the Spotlight Series to solo performances by company dancers in support of worthy cause. Here is a chronology of highlights … Read more

Travel Diary

Discovering Odisha through the lens of an Odissi Dancer By Soumee De In this month’s travel diary, Soumee De, Odissi Faculty of Apsaras Arts, reminisces her tour of the golden triangle of Odisha temple architecture and visit to the heritage village of Raghurajpur. From experiencing Gotipua “Bandho nrutya” in the Gurukul classroom to peeking into … Read more

Special Feature

Screening of Anjaneyam- Hanuman’s Ramayana by Esplanade Theatres in collaboration with SISTIC Live From May 24th – 31st, Anjaneyam- Hanuman’s Ramayana, one of the master-piece ensemble productions from 2017 produced by Apsaras Arts was invited to be part of a showcase series by the Esplanade Theatres by the Bay and SISTIC (the largest ticketing platform) … Read more

A life in Dance

“A life in Dance” – An exclusive interview with Uma Chetty, Artistic Director Apsaras Arts, Virginia USA by Vidhya Nair “For me, dance is where I go to reset, it is my refuge. Dance gives me balance, the equilibrium to live my life. The 4Ds (Discipline, Determination, Dedication & Devotion) are the tenants I believe … Read more

Bharatanatyam Evolves From Temple to Theatre and back again

By Anne-Marie Gaston Anne-Marie Gaston (1941-2018) traces the development of Bharatanatyam from its religious and secular roots. She gives details of the teachers who were most influential in the transmission of the dance form from traditional to modern and discusses the role of different interpretations(banis). By describing traditional and modern performances and choreography, she traces … Read more


Apsaras Arts receives The Steward of Singapore’s Intangibile Cultural Heritage Award 2020 The month of June began on a momentous note with Apsaras Arts being selected as one of the 6 organisations to receive The Stewards of Singapore’s Intangible Cultural Heritage Award. This award aims to recognise practitioners (individual and groups) of intangible cultural heritage … Read more