Sound of Silence – Rajkumar Bharathi’s Musical Quest

Sound of Silence – Rajkumar Bharathi’s Musical Quest By Asha Krishnakumar Simple, genuine, gifted, resilient… These are the words used most often to describe Rajkumar Bharathi, the great -grandson of Mahakavi Subramanya Bharathi, the legendary litterateur whose fiery writings stoked the patriotic fire of the people fighting colonial rule. Rajkumar has carved a niche for … Read more

A Passion for Dance

A Passion for Dance Yamini Krishnamurti With Renuka Khandekar Yamini Poornatilaka Krishnamurti, a little tomboy growing up in the temple town of Chidambaram, felt strangely drawn towards the dancing figures sculpted on the temple walls. When the time came for her to settle down to a formal school education, she astonished her family by declaring … Read more

Master of Arts: A Life in Dance

Master of Arts: A Life in Dance By Tulsi Badrinath Master of Arts: A Life in Dance Male dancers provoke extreme reactions-Who wants to watch hairy sweaty men dance half-naked? or Oh, they are so effeminate. Must be gay! or They would not find a job anywhere, thats why they have come to this field. … Read more

“Arohana” – Kathak Manch Pravesh by Sindhu Achudan

“Arohana” – Kathak Manch Pravesh by Sindhu Achudan By Nayantara Parpia On Sunday, 25th April, a few of us in Singapore had the privilege of attending a very special dance recital, ‘Arohana’ – the Kathak Manch Pravesh of the young and multi-talented Sindhu Achudan, at the Goodman Arts Centre Black Box. Congratulations to the entire … Read more

Indian Sun – The Life and Music of Ravi Shankar by Oliver Craske (2020)

Indian Sun – The Life and Music of Ravi Shankar by Oliver Craske (2020) Indian Sun is the first biography of Ravi Shankar. Benefitting from unprecedented access to family archives, Oliver Craske paints a vivid picture of a captivating, restless workaholic, who lived a passionate and extraordinary life – from his childhood in his brother’s dance … Read more

Kuchipudi Indian Classical Dance Art

By Sunil Kothari and Avinash Pasricha One of the seven major classical dance forms of India, Kuchipudi in its solo avatara has acquired a status of a classical dance form of Andhra Pradesh. The story of Kuchipudi from its origin as a dance-drama and its emergence as a solo dance form is one of the … Read more

Rhythm in Joy

By Leela Samson About the book: Rhythm in Joy is an authoritative introduction to five of India’s Classical dance forms. The intention of this work is to view the distinctive features of these forms through the eyes of a dancer- the historical and cultural context in which they evolved and the particularities of technique and … Read more

Bharata Natyam

By Dr Sunil Kothari Synopsis Bharata Natyam, the most popular classical Indian dance-form, has received universal approbation as one of the subtlest expressions of Indian culture. Its intimate connection with the temple, as a ritualistic art, mirroring the imperceptible feelings of a devotee reflects the inwardness of Hindu culture. “Its amazing inner resilience has once … Read more


By Anjana Anand The Silappathikāram of Ilango Adigal (1AD) is a treasure-house of cultural information from the Tamil land of almost 2000 years ago.  A Grammar of Dance looks closely at the third canto, Arangētru kādhai, which talks about the arangetram or debut performance of Madhavi, a courtesan in the Chozha court in Puhar. Ilango Adigal outlines the merits of … Read more