A Lawyer’s Legend : E. Krishna Iyer

By Naatyaachaarya. V.P.Dhananjayan In the fifties and sixties  the name of  E.Krishna Iyer  was a household name in erstwhile Madras, now called Chennai.  He was seen in every Bharatanatyam and Sangeeta Kutcheries(concerts) by  known and well known performers  of those days.  Not very many happening like  these days, Arangetrams (debut) were very rare occurrences  but E.Krishna Iyer with his hearing aid sitting in the front … Read more

Travel Diary

Dance for the Royalty By Seema Hari Kumar “It is not very often that you get to perform before royalty and, that being a piece that brings to life the artwork of their ancestor, makes it more than just a ceremonial treat! This is exactly how I would sum up my experience of having performed … Read more

From the Travel Diary

By Meera Balasubramanian Having been associated with Apsaras has given me a number of opportunities to travel around the world and perform in different and prestigious venues. One such tour was the mega India tour where the team Apsaras Arts travelled around India for one whole month and performing in various cities. This was a … Read more

Travel Diary

A trip down the memory lane with Anjasa International Tours By Nikita Menon Dance often has the ability to communicate, move, evoke, and entertain, but seldom does it have the power to take the rasika on a trip around the world while in the comforts of cushioned theatre seats. Anjasa, does just this. Though my … Read more

Travel Diary

Discovering Odisha through the lens of an Odissi Dancer By Soumee De In this month’s travel diary, Soumee De, Odissi Faculty of Apsaras Arts, reminisces her tour of the golden triangle of Odisha temple architecture and visit to the heritage village of Raghurajpur. From experiencing Gotipua “Bandho nrutya” in the Gurukul classroom to peeking into … Read more

The Art of Yakshagana

By Mohanapriyan Thavarajah From the travel diaries, here is a first person experience of witnessing the art of Yakshgana and tracing its origin at the Yakshagana village at Karnataka. Mohanapriyan Thavarajah fondly retells, “In the village, I witnessed not only tradition, art, hospitality but also love for humanity. The more I travel, the more I … Read more

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