Gratitude by Apsaras Arts

Genres / Categories: Dance

A Dance Tribute to the Healthcare and Frontline Workers for Keeping us Safe

Choreographed in Indian classical dance style of Bharatanatyam, the dancers pay tribute to the healthcare and frontline workers for keeping humanity safe from the current COVID-19 Pandemic.

The motif of the wind instrument – Flute is used in this choreography to
depict that melodious music can be produced from one’s healthy breath.

The dancers convey their gratitude for being able to stay healthy and for caring for those who have fallen ill during this pandemic.
Let us all be safe and healthy, and let the music of the flute prevail.


Apsaras Arts Repertory Company Dancers
Kshirja Govind
Ashmita Jayaprakash
Periyachi Roshni
Shobana Ravichandra

Concept and Choreography
Mohanapriyan Thavarajah

Artistic Direction
Aravinth Kumarasamy

Lijesh Karunakaran

Produced by
Apsaras Arts Ltd

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