Sita’s Magical Forest by Apsaras Arts

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Sita’s Magical Forest
by Apsaras Arts

The Ramayana, an epic celebrated across Asia, tells the trials and triumphs of Rama and Sita. In the story, the couple spends a considerable amount of time in the woods whilst in exile, encountering many enchanted creatures. Amongst them are an eagle; a bear; a sea monster; a crow; a frog; a squirrel; a golden deer; one of the most important characters, Hanuman, and his band of monkeys.
In this children’s production by Apsaras Arts, Sita recounts her adventures with the animals of the magical forest through storytelling and dance.
While bringing her children up in the forest, Sita fills them with tales of war, bravery, friendship, loyalty and devotion, in the adventures of the animals she met in the forest.

She tells them of Jatayu, the brave eagle who lost his majestic wings whilst fighting valiantly against Ravana; Hanuman and his band of monkeys, who played a pivotal role in her search and rescue; Jambavan, the king of bears who, without question, led an army to aid Rama in the epic war; and Maricha, the golden deer that was Ravana in disguise, that lured her far from her forest home. These are characters, fables and stories that make the Ramayana the epic that it is.

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