Ode to the Senses

The classical styles of Odissi and Bharatanatyam, conceived and performed by artistes Shashwati Garai Ghosh and Lakshmi Parthasarathy Athreya, come together to create Anubhav, a sensory experience. Read on for how this work came to be in an interview that combines the voices of both artistes

What is the genesis of Anubhav: Deeper with the Senses?

It all started from a very honest friendship and vibe as thoughtful artistes.

As solo artistes, how important is it to have a good working relationship both professionally and personally?

Any art form requires a sense of collaboration. Though we call it a solo, it is honestly a lot of teamwork. As dancers we cannot create or present anything in isolation; we need a team with good work ethics, those who are committed to the project and are keen to maintain good relationships to keep the process going.

What inspired the title Anubhav?

We both are at a phase in our lives where we are keen to present and share our experiences and artistic ventures with a larger universe. Anubhav occurred in a very organic manner and fit itself beautifully into the form of a production that brings both our aesthetics and artistic sensibilities to the fore. 

We had the fortune of witnessing Anubhav in Chennai. Why is it essentially a sensory experience?

Anubhav speaks a lot about deep and intense senses, both physical and emotional.

You have already premiered the work in Chennai, Bangalore and Kolkata. Is the work evolving as it travels across cities and what are the key takeaways from it?

Absolutely! Dancing as duets, with two different classical dance forms has been challenging and at the same time, a very welcoming experience. To remain in our respective genres but also intertwine with each other’s sensibilities and create one vibe has been a real learning process. Anubhav will grow and mature with our artistic growth. Also it will remain open to creative changes so that it evolves more.

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