Apsaras Arts Academy provides meticulous dance training in the 3 genres of classical Indian dance – Bharatanatyam (Kalakshetra Bani), Kathak (Lucknow Gharana) and Odissi ­– for both children and adults. We also offer an introductory dance programme called Balabharatham for 4 to 6 year olds. As has been the case since 1977,

Apsaras Arts Academy students – of all ages – are exposed to as many “live audience” performances as possible. A critical component to fully understanding and mastering their chosen dance genre.

Not only are Apsaras Arts Academy faculty exponents of their craft, they are also gifted teachers who inspire a lifetime of commitment in their students.

Over the past decades, Apsaras Arts Academy graduates have established themselves as dancers and choreographers, setting-up teaching institutions in Singapore, Australia and USA. Our graduates also teach Bharatanatyam in educational institutions and community clubs in Singapore.

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The Faculty

Those who can, teach.


Apsaras Arts Academy currently has 3 teaching venues:

Goodman Arts Centre

Blk D Goodman Arts Centre

#01-24 90 Goodman road S(439052) Bharathanatyam | Kathak | Odissi

Aure Studios

Aure Studios

Bukit Timah Shopping Centre
#08-01 S 588179

Siglap South Community Centre

SSC Center

6 Palm Rd S(456441) | Kathak

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Devata: Guardians of Dance

BLK D Goodman Arts Centre

#01-24 90 Goodman Road Singapore 439053