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Of Triumphs & Turmoils

Acclaimed Bharatanatyam artiste and the senior-most disciple of Dr Kanak Rele, Bharatanatyam and Mohiniyattam exponent, Deepak Mazumdar, shares his thoughts on Dr Rele’s new book, ‘Me and my Mohini Attam’.

“I am extremely delighted and feel fortunate that I am living during the era of the legendary danseuse and my guru, Kanak Rele ji. I feel very special, as I was guided to meet my guru through the divine message of Sai Baba. It is Baba who led me towards her and she too happened to be his devotee. I met her when I was 18 and my journey began to learn the true spirit of ‘Dance’ -D – divine; A – art; N – nectar; C – commitment; E – elevate.

The journey was simple, as I had no other goal, but to follow the path of this unknown world, untouched by the glitter and glamour of the modern world. In her, I saw a gamut and reality of life.

She was a granddaughter, daughter, mother, sister, wife, grandmother, an academician par excellence and above all the greatest guru who took me in her arms and made me what I am today. I grew up with every aspect and emotion of life rooted in culture.

This biography – Me and my Mohini Attam- is a true reflection of the upheavals she faced in her journey; the sacrifices that she had to make to achieve the accolades, name and fame and establish an institution, making dance a part of every aspirant’s life. All credit goes to her for having taken dance to University level for the benefit of the generations to come. Nalanda has become synonymous with her name.

I, being her senior most disciple, feel privileged along with my colleagues and her distinguished disciples to add a page of praise to the legendary doyenne.

The biography is an insight into the turmoils and triumphs of Kanak ji. From her birth in the Divecha family, to her marital bond filled with love and mutual respect into the Rele Parivaar, to which, she is the matriarch now.

The book envelopes Kanak ji’s early steps into dancing, her love for dance, her initiation of Nalanda upholding the sanctity of Indian classical dance at the Mumbai University, equating it with any other degree in the nation, her role as an Education Director, which she holds till today, a role model grandmother to her grandchildren, being an administrative head, a doting mother and mother-in-law… the biography covers her life from all perspectives.

Furthermore, the array of experiences shared by all her students who share anecdotes and her daily doses of encouragement, which they all experienced in their own special ways, makes the book an encyclopedia of encouragement for every artist facing challenges or simply wisdom from the Connoisseur herself.

The book is definitely one that every artist should not just read but rather try to emulate the sincere dedication towards a meaningful goal into their own lives.

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