A conversation between Coimbatore-based Bharatanatyam dancer-choreographer, Divya Nayar and Singapore-based Bharatanatyam dancer-choreographer, Madhuri Suresh .

Sometimes, the best conversation starters are those that investigate the very premise of the conversation itself. This conversation did precisely that! The two dancers began with sharing their perspectives on the idea of a young dancer.

Thereon, they moved to focus on the dynamics between a teacher and a student, and to individual approaches to teaching methods, then and now. While a few years ago, there was an unsaid rule, to blindly follow what was taught, kids of this generation, the two dancers acknowledged, are very bold and do not shy away from asking questions or reasoning out a few things. It becomes challenging therefore for the teacher to find new ways to engage with a student.

The conversation also touched upon the importance of empathy and that of constructive criticism, and the importance of peers and colleagues to share and exchange notes on each other’s dance.

We are certain that Divya and Madhuri have made a new connection and will continue to stay in touch!

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