Appointment Announcement- Mohanapriyan Thavarajah as Associate Creative Director at Apsaras Dance Company

We are thrilled to share the incredible news that Mr Mohanapriyan Thavarajah, our resident choreographer and principal dancer, has been appointed to the well-deserved position of Associate Creative Director of Apsaras Dance Company. In his new role, he will be responsible for the creative aspects of our repertory works, our brand’s aesthetics, curate and produce our annual festivals, and work with our creative collaborators.

Mr Mohanapriyan Thavarajah’s journey and association with Apsaras Dance Company and Apsaras Arts Academy for the past 12 years – has been marked by unwavering dedication, commitment and significant achievements. He is currently pursuing his PhD in Bharatanatyam. Mohanapriyan is the recipient of many awards including the “Bharata Kala Mani”  award conferred by Apsaras Arts Academy. Here’s a glimpse into his outstanding contributions:

Choreographic Excellence:

As the resident choreographer, Mr Mohanapriyan has created more than 10 repertory works for the company, and has worked on several individual solo Bharatanatyam repertoire compositions. These works have enabled the company to realise its vision of creating works by redefining the boundaries of Bharatanatyam ensemble vocabulary.

International Performances:

Mohanapriyan is a sought after soloist at international festivals across India, Sri Lanka, Australia, France and the U.K. His thematic works are regularly presented at prestigious venues across the cities in these regions, which have been acclaimed by renowned art critics.

Research Prowess:

Beyond the dance studio, Mohanapriyan has also delved into crucial areas of research on dance related topics. His study on Cambodian dance and the grand Khmer monument – Angkor Wat has revealed the connected roots between Indian and Cambodian cultures and dance forms. Bringing the practical aspects of dance and his academic interest on pedagogical studies has enabled him to create reference guides for students and teachers of Bharatanatyam. Apsaras Dance Company was proud to publish two of his books – “Temple Dance of Apsaras – A dancer’s view of Angkor Wat” and “PRAYOGAM – Applying the techniques of Bharatanatyam”.

Costume Design:

Mohanapriyan, has been creating innovative costume designs for Apsaras Dance Company productions over the years, which have enabled the narratives of the collaborative work with South East Asian cultures which has inspired the company’s original works.

Teaching Excellence:

Mohanapriyan has been a teaching faculty with our Apsaras Arts Academy, training and grooming students for the final graduation presentations. He has also conducted special focus master classes on creative dance topics and also conducted classes and sessions for MOE’s Dance CCA and AEP programs across Singapore schools. He regularly conducts master classes in the UK, France and Australia and is the member of the panel of faculty at Indian Performing Arts Convention (IPAC) in Singapore and Australia.


Mohanapriyan conceptualised and curated the DARSHANA – Intimate Dance Series since 2018, presenting Singapore based Indian classical dancers, which is held 4 times each year. Over the years, the series has gained good following and enjoys full house attendance from art lovers.

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