Appointment Announcement- Seema Hari Kumar as Vice Principal at Apsaras Arts Academy

We take great pride in announcing the appointment of Seema Hari Kumar as the Vice Principal, at Apsaras Arts Academy. Having started as a student of dance at the Apsaras Arts in 1993, she  graduated under the tutelage of our founder Mrs Neila Sathyalingam. Seema has been casted as a dancer in almost all of the repertory works of Apsaras Dance Company.  Seema has been on the teaching faculty of the Apsaras Arts Academy since 2003. Today, Seema is a key member of the organisation and also the master of ceremonies at key events. Here is a summary of her achievements and contributions.

Teaching Faculty:

Seema began inspiring and teaching Bharatanatyam to young students under the guidance of her guru Mrs Neila Sathyalingam and is now one of the Academy’s senior faculty member. Under her tutelage, many students have been nurtured and groomed to blossom as aspiring young dancers. She has presented her students in their graduation performance – Arangetram and several other students are currently being prepared for their Arangetrams too. In 2012, when the academy launched a unique training program – Bala Bharatham, specifically created for young kids between the ages of 4-6 years, Seema spearheaded this program and created the syllabus and its pedagogy and ran this course. Today, this course is one of the iconic courses art Apsaras Arts Academy and has a popular enrolment year after year. Seema also serves as the member of the team of faculty at Indian Performing Arts Convention (IPAC) in Singapore and Melbourne.

Performing Artiste:

Seema performs extensively with Apsaras Dance Company and  has travelled with company on its international tours across Asia, Europe and Australia, including for the recent performance of the cross cultural collaborative production ARISI : RICE presented by the Music Academy Madras, India, in January 2024. She has also performed for numerous collaborations with Singapore’s Malay and Chinese choreographers over the years, and was also the member of the Singapore’s People’s Association’s Indian Dance Company helmed by Mrs Neila Sathyalingam as its resident choreographer for two decades. 


Seema has been choreographing for student’s performances for the academy’s performances at community events and television programs. She was one of the early Singaporean artistes to create a own choreographic work “Mohini” under the mentorship of internationally acclaimed choreographer-dancer Priyadarsini Govind for the IPAC residency program, which was presented in Singapore, India and Australia.

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