Agathi Review by Kids Beginners Year 2 class

Agathi – The Plight of the Refugee

This show was a great experience and a great Learning. Artistic Director , Mr Aravinth Kumarasamy and Dramaturg Mr Ivan Heng did a great job. The Choreography was so nice, I wanted to watch the show again. Thanks to Choreographer Mr Mohanapriyan Thavarajah. I understood the story so well as the storyteller Ms Seema explained it clearly. All the dancers performed with confidence. This was an awesome show.
Reviewed By Advitha

Agathi – The Plight of the Refugee

This was my first time coming to Wildrice Theatre. It was one of the best theatres I have been to. About the seating arrangement, it was quite odd as we were seated at the 3rd level, but I still enjoyed it. When the show started, I was happy as there were happy songs with nice family set up. Suddenly, the invasion took place. I became sad and when the tone grew darker, I almost cried as only the Lady (Teacher Seema) survived in her family. When she recalled it after many years about her husband Balan dying in the war and Baby Gayathri has reunited with , there was a feeling hope.
I can’t imagine how much effort has gone in the facial expression as the performance was amazing. I truly enjoyed the performance and was very happy that I came with my class girls.
Reviewed by Sahana

Agathi – The Plight of the Refugee

I really enjoyed the AGATHI performance. It was very meaningful and tells the story of many people who struggled in the past in Sri Lanka. I cannot imagine going through the struggles that they did. At first, I thought that the performance would be similar to the SITA performance but surprisingly, it was quite different. This was a true story about everyone’s struggles. Even though the SITA performance was sad, I think that this performance was even more upsetting as it is a true story. In my opinion, the saddest part of the performance was when one of the actors lost all her friends and family. At the end, when the mother reunited with the daughter, I thought it was one of the happier parts of the performance. 

Other than the story, I really liked the lighting. It added very positively to my experience. I also liked all the costumes as they were unique, unlike normal grand costumes we usually see on stage. They really suited the characters and the mood. I was also surprised by how fast they could change their costumes in between scenes! All the dancers could change their emotions amazingly fast too. When one of the actors shouted, I also got a fright. All the emotions felt so real. I was immersed in the story and felt like I was going through the experiences myself. From the view I was sitting at, everything looked so amazing. Overall, I really enjoyed both the performance and the experience at Funan Mall. I hope to go on more trips like this.
Reviewed by Thanashree Darshini d/o Thamil Selvan

Students of Kids Beginner Year 2 class in Wildrice Theatre

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