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An Instagram bi-series which began in February 2021, on the first Thursday of the monthat 8pm SGT  has taken the classical dance industry by storm.

Moderated by Aravinth Kumarasamy and Seema Hari Kumar, each 30 minute session features a discussion topic on current trends and issues in dance. In February, they discussed the topic, ” Choreography and what it means today”. In March, they discussed  the topic, ” Guru-shishya relationship.” In April, the topic was ” Price of Art – How much do you pay? where the session introduced guest speakers (& mystery guests!). Anil Srinivasan and Vidhya Nair shared their view points.  In May, the topic was ” Professionalism vs Amatuerism in Dance – how do we draw the line & what are the experiences of performers and rasikas?. Guest speakers Mohanapriyan Thavarajah and Sreedevi Sivarajasingam shared their experience.  In June, the topic was ” The big “A” – exploring the intent, benefit and relevance of an Arangetram.” The session explored clarifications on how the teacher, student and parents can align expectations while having a rewarding journey. The session had Gayatri Sriram and Shankar Kandasamy as guest speakers. In July, the topic ws ” The Place for a Male” in Bharatanatyam featuring two male dancers – Christoper Gurusamy and Parshwanath Upadhye who spoke passionately about challenges and advantages they fare in the industry and in choosing this profession.  

Each session garners more than 500 views and features live questions from a live audience and is recorded for delayed viewing. Many viewers have feedback that this style of informal discussion allows for different perspectives to be shared in a frank and informal manner and for many its been an interesting way to hear alternative views and unpack some of the grievances and concerns which are often unspoken. The next session will be on 5th August on Instagram @akumarasamy at 8pm SGT. 

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