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Catch the virtual events that Apsaras Arts team participated during the month of February. Celebrating Sri Lanka’s 73rd anniversary by the High Commission by featuring a segment of “Anjasa”; a live panel discussion by story-tellers on “Faith, Beauty, Love & Hope” by the Asian Civilisations Museum featuring Artistic Director, Aravinth Kumarasamy and a feature by Fab India insta live of our senior dancer and Kathak faculty, Shivangi Dake Robert. Read here High Commission of Sri Lanka in Singapore celebrated its 73rd Anniversary of Independence on 4TH February 2021 by hosting a virtual event featuring a segment from “Anjasa” – which highlighted the features and philosophy behind the Buddhist ruins of Wattadage in the ruins of Polonnaruwa of Sri Lanka. This program featured other cultural performances from Sri Lanka as well. Apsaras Arts appreciates this participation and recognition at this momentous event. Watch this commemorative event here : 

Conversations: Everyone has a story to tell in conjunction with the exhibition “Faith, Beauty, Love & Hope” at Asian Civilisations Museum on 19th February 2021 featured Aravinth Kumarasamy in a panel of story tellers. Each had to tell their interpretation of stories based on an artefact featured in this exhibition. Aravinth spoke about two distinct Buddha statues from Myanmar & Cambodia and how the stories of the Buddha and the way his teachings have travelled and imbibed by other communities which inspired the concept behind “Anjasa” – a production by Apsaras Arts that follows significant Buddhist monuments around Asia. Watch the panel discussion here: @FabIndiaofficial featured Shivangi Dake Roberts in an instalive event on 1 MARCH 2020 featuring two choreography pieces by Pt Birju Maharaja. The event was watched by over 4000 views and received many accolades. Watch the performance here:

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