Samyoga – The Bond Between Man & Woman

The Bond Between Man & Woman 

By P.N Vikas & Sreeliji Sreedharan 

Sat 11th May 2019

Black Box, Stamford Arts Centre / 8pm / Duration 60min 

DARSHANA – Intimate Dance Series presents SAMYOGA is a thematic Bharatanatyam duet performance illustrating the bond between man and woman. The concept of hero and heroine dominates in most Indian epics, in Hindu mythology, and in literature works. The Natya Shastra also refers the bond and the characteristic aspects of a hero (nayaka) and Heroine (nayika). These Nayikas are further classified in two varieties of the shringara rasa (emotion of Love), the rasa related to love: sambhoga (love in union) and vipralambha (love in separation). The eight types of nayikas elaborates the reactions and emotions by the love of her beloved at various situations. SAMYOGA brings out the various emotions which are reflected through the love of a man & woman.P.N Vikas and Sreeliji Sreedharan are Bharatanatyam faculty members of Singapore Indian Fine Arts Society. Vikas is an alumni of world-renowned Kalakshetra foundation, Chennai. where he completed his diploma and post graduate diploma in first class, and with the best student award of Kalakshetra, and served as a guest faculty for four years. In Singapore, he has choreographed several works for SIFAS, and was casted in “Anjaneyam – Hanuman’s Ramayana”, a magnum opus produced by Apsaras Arts. Sreeliji started learnining Bharatanatyam from Guru Sudha Bhaskara in Kerala. She holds first class diploma and first class post graduate diploma in Bharathanatyam from Kalakshetra. She has performed in various roles in the Kalakshetra Repertory company in India and abroad.  

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