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On May 31st, Apsaras Arts held its 4th Spotlight Series Session with Dr Gowri Ramnarayan. In this session on the “Shaping of a Nayika – evolving characters onstage” Dr Gowri Ramnarayan used images from her theatre productions and shared the thought process behind them all. From the techniques used to shape characters such as Yasodhara, the wife of Prince Gauthama to the use of thought provoking monologues by the characters from epics such as Manthara, Urmila, Shantha and Soorpanaga, the lesser known heroines from the Ramayana,  tt was an absorbing session attended by over 60 participants. The Q & A helped dance practitioners ask practical questions on how the stage can be used with images of Nayakas through props like cloth, painting, lighting; how to choose appropriate words in scripting and the importance of silence and pause within a performance which creates a powerful experiences for the audience.

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