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Here is a round up of digital  events at Apsaras Arts over the last month. From the release of “Bhairava” in collaboration with Indian Raaga, an inaugural feature at the SPIC MACAY Singapore chapter to the Navrathri celebration by the students of Apsaras Arts Academy. The month has been busy for the Academy teachers preparing the students across all levels to perform in celebration of Navrathri festival. Subscribe to our You tube channel to follow the digital festival releases over this festive season. An International Veena Festival –Veena Mahotsavam 2020 organised by Harata Ilango Foundation for Asian Culture (BIFAC), Narada Ghana Sabha Trust & curated by Veena Vidwan Kannan Balakrishnan of Kalakendra Music.  This online festival ran for 20 days from 26th September to 15th October 2020. Apsaras Arts’s Aravinth Kumarasamy performed on 3 October 2020 with overseas performers outside India under their series “Akhandam – III: Artistes from Abroad.” He performed a set of 3 ragas – “Samajavaragamana” in Ragam Hindolam, a Thiagaraja composition, followed by “Velliada Ittu Neram Ah” in Ragam Shanmugapriya and “Harivarasanam” in Ragam Madyamavathi. Watch the performance [at 6:00:00 to 6:25:00]: 

On October 11th SPIC Macay Singapore Chapter had an inaugural event to introduce its resurgence and new volunteers. The Zoom event featured volunteers from Indian Chapters and Australia and the leaders spoke about the movement which began in 1977 by Dr Kiran Seth and his peers.  During this session, two Singaporean National Young Artist Award recipients were invited to speak about their artistic journeys. Aravinth Kumarasamy and Mohd Sufir Juwahir who both shared details of some of their dance related works and questions were posed to them by volunteers. Aravinth was asked about arts conservation in Singapore and he shared that in Singapore, arts education in local schools is increasingly curricular and the role of Indian arts has had a tremendous impact on South-East Asia. He said that much efforts by him (& Apsaras Ars) to reconnect Indian heritage and performing arts with our Asian cousins which over time has become assimilated and made Singaporean.  He spoke about “Sangeetha” (the practice of Sadhana) and “Rasanubhava” which when brought together creates “Sahadya” (oneness). He also shared the positive support for local & traditional arts by the Singapore government through grants and arts housing. The session concluded with a Q&A session with participants who found the session illuminating.  SPIC Macay Singapore Chapter aims to have long-term imprints on youth both in terms of life experiences and to incorporate the appreciation of the arts for a more enriching life. On October 17th, IndianRaga Singapore in partnership with Apsaras Arts Dance Company premiered a digital showcase of a solo dance item – “Bhairava” in which the popular Kala Bhairava Ashtakam slokam has been beautifully presented in a dance form by the talented artist Mohanapriyan Thavarajah. As is the legend, Bhairava is referred as the guardian of all Siva temples and in this composition of Adi Shankara, the Kala Bhairava Ashtakam brings out all the attributes of Bhairava and the boons that he grants to those who pray to him. The piece has been sung in Ragam Hamsadhwani and in Talam Chatusra Eka Tisra Gathi. Credits: Artistic Direction : Aravinth Kumarasamy Choreography: Sheejith Krishna Music composition: Bombay Jayashree Ramnath Singer:Deepu Nair Performed by: Mohanapriyan Thavarajah Watch at:

From October 17th- 26th, Apsaras Arts Academy has been releasing new dance video performances by students from all disciplines that are taught at the Academy: Bharatnatyam, Kathak and Odissi. Navrathri Celebration performance schedule as follows:

  • Sat, 17 Oct – Mangalacharan (Odissi) by beginner young students of Soumee De
  • Sun, 18 Oct – Ganesha invocation followed by Alarippu (Bharatnatyam) by students of Mrs Vijaya Nadesan and Loganayaki Govindarajan
  • Mon, 19 Oct – Ganesh vandana and padhant (Kathak) by students of Shivangi Dake Robert
  • Tue, 20 Oct – Jathiswaram (Bhartnatyam) by beginner students of Seema Hari Kumar
  • Wed, 21 Oct – Naan Oru Vilayaatu (Balabharatham) young students of Loganayaki Govindarajan
  • Thu, 22 Oct – Vasant Pallavi (Odissi) by beginner adult students of Soumee De
  • Fri, 23 Oct – Natesha Kavuthuvam (Bharatnatyam) by intermediate students of Seema hari Kumar and Mohanapriyan Thavarajah
  • Sat, 24 Oct – Krishna Vandana (Kathak) by students of Shivangi Dake Robert
  • Sun, 25 Oct – Kannan Pirandhan (Bharatnatyam and Balabharatham) students of Seema Hari Kumar and Chitra Pubalan

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