The Tour to Sri Lanka, which meant so much for Neila Mami

By Yashvini Raveendra “All of the dancers and the rest of the team made a vow. A vow to make Neila Maami proud and show people the talents that has been produced by Apsaras Arts. We do know for a fact that even though Neila Maami has left us, her legacy will never end. We […]

Talk on “Banteay Srei – the Khmer Jewel” to Friends of the Museums

Virtual Events   On 4th November 2020, Aravinth Kumarasamy gave an hour-long mesmerising talk on Banteay Srei, the Khmer temple in Siem Reap, Cambodia that inspired Apsaras Arts upcoming production – “Amara – Dancing stories of Banteay Srei” which premieres on Friday 20thNovember 2020 8pm as part of Kalaa Utsavam, Esplanade, Theatres on the Bay’s annual Indian […]

Spotlight Series October 2020

In a session entitled “Art of Collaboration” featuring two stalwarts of classical dance – Leela Samson and Madhavi Mudgal, they shared their early interactions in pioneering efforts in the genre of collaborative dance performances. This conversation was guided by Aravinth Kumarasamy who engaged them in an effortless dialogue of memories of their craft and long-held […]

AMARA – Making the Impossible Possible

Special Feature by Mohanapriyan Thavarajah “From the forest of his matted locks, water flows and wets his neck, on which hangs the divine snake like a garland, and his drum incessantly plays damat, damat, damat, damat.” Thus, Shiva is engaged in a very vigorous Tandava dance, to bless and shower, prosperity on the entire universe. […]

The square and the circle of the Indian arts

 by Kapila Vatsyayan The Square and the Circle of the Indian Arts is a major contribution in Indian art history. More than a book on the theories of arts, it has far-reaching implications for the way one thinks about the future of indology and art history. It provides a model to be emulated for inter-disciplinary […]

The Consummate Musicianship of a Dancer

Distinguished Guest Column By Savita Narasimhan “From the day I first heard this music, I have been unabashedly in love with it.” Says Savita Narasimhan, a Carnatic vocalist, teacher and painter. She is also the Director of the Chennai-based Museum of Performing Arts MOPA. This article is from a series she wrote as she curated […]

An interview with Devenasan Charles

“A life of colour, aesthetics & the discipline of an artiste” An exclusive interview with W Devenasan Charles By Vidhya Nair In this month’s interview, we meet with W Devenasan Charles, for whom learning dance opened doors into a career of a celebrated make-up artist, a life-long performer and a spiritual seeker. “Our culture is […]