‘Alapadma’ refers to a fully opened lotus, and is the name of a dance mudra (hand gesture) as codified in ancient texts on Indian dance and theatre. Alapadma – The Lotus Unfolds is a Bharatanatyam dance production that draws inspiration from the multifaceted symbolism of the lotus. Dancers and musicians from Apsaras Arts explore the sacred flower’s representation in mythology, iconography and philosophy, particularly in the ancient civilisations of India, Egypt and Southeast Asia.

FOCUS Magazine, London

“Angkor: An Untold Story melds multiple Asian art forms in a lavish visual feast… In the unforgettable first sequence, dancers showed off their martial prowess in steps partly based on Indian tribal movements, reminiscent of Malay silat and choreographed for Chinese drums. Such seamless tapestries of different artistic traditions were created by a variety of choreographers including artists from Singapore-based Apsaras Arts and Osman Abdul Hamid from Malay cultural troupe, Era Dance Theatre. Their work in the 140-minute production provided a powerful visual reminder of the historical truth that cross-cultural exchange has shaped Asia and Asian art for centuries.”

Akshita Nanda, The Straits Times

“They came, they performed, they conquered.’ This is an apt description of the Singapore-based dance company Apsaras Arts, which recently toured South India. They impressed not only the audience, but also connoisseurs of Indian classical dance forms. The troupe was elegant and professional, and didn’t strike a single note of discord throughout the performance.”

Surekha Kadapa-Bose, Deccan Chronicle, Bangalore, India

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