Travel Diaries

Heart of the Art Aravinth Kumaraswamy, Artistic Director of Apsaras Arts talks about his experience at the International Society for the Performing Arts (ISPA) that was held at Manchester, UK in June 2023. A report… This was the first time that I had the opportunity to attend the International Society for the Performing Arts (ISPA) […]


Multi-Tasking with a Magic of her Own! Donning various hats as the Admin Manager of Apsaras Arts, Dancer, Project Manager, Tour Manager, make-up artiste and also as a wardrobe assistant, Sankari Elavalahan gives us an account of her early days of association with Apsaras Arts and her return to work with her Alma Mater Were you born […]

In Sights

Looking back at IPAC The Indian Performing Arts Convention (IPAC) 2023 forayed into its 12th edition this year and was held between June 17 and June 25, this year. IPAC featured week-long Masterclasses, lecture demonstrations and performances by distinguished faculty from India. Read on for a summary of what it entailed…  The Convention began with […]

Cover Story

Three costume designers Lakshmi Srinath, Sandhya Raman and Mohanapriyan Thavarajah from Chennai, Delhi and Singapore respectively, share their process, insights and views on designing and creating costume for dance and dancers Lakshmi Srinath “My interest in costume grew organically as a result of my passion and career as a visual artist” “My interest in costume […]


Singapore-based dancer, Periyachi Roshini asks Bengaluru-based dancer, Shreema Upadhyaya, a few pertinent questions that concern the world of young dancers across the globe Do you feel like as a dancer, you live two separate lives? As a dancer most of the time, we are expected to uphold a certain image that may not necessarily be […]


Peeling the Layers… Of female sexual desire… Leading Kathak exponent, Aditi Mangaldas talks about her bold and brave new work, Forbidden, and the story of how it came to be  Surely, the idea of Forbidden didn’t happen one day or one night or in a moment, right? But what was that final moment when you […]

Point of View

Documenting Transitions Vidhya Subramanian, Bharatanatyam exponent, based in Chennai, shares her perspectives on the many shifts – over time – in teaching and learning in the world of dance Krishna transitions from desire to duty, from lover to king, from Gokulam to Mathura, from a life of leisure to the Gita. Change, sometimes abrupt and […]

Books Banter

Celebrating Continuity in Tradition Chennai-based historian, writer and author, Dr Chithra Madhavan, an expert in Indian temple architecture, history, sculpture and iconography, shares her thoughts on her book, Srirangam.  Srirangam is a fabulous compilation of this temple town; what was your experience of putting it together? The Srirangam temple is an amazing temple-complex which has […]