An opportunity to network with the Indian Dance Fraternity from the Northern Hemisphere  By Aravinth Kumarasamy  For the past two decades and more, I have been attending the Natya Kala Conference in Chennai, and a few other such international dance conferences in India and Singapore, in addition to the many ASEAN conferences in Thailand, Indonesia, […]

NRUTHYA KARANA: A salient feature of any theatrical presentation 

By Naatyaachaarya V.P.Dhananjayan A lesser known treatise on Naatya is Nandikeswara’s BHARATAARNAVA. Another work  Abhinaya Darpana   is also attributed to Nandikeswwara – a practical theory text in vogue, taught and applied in today’s Bharatanaatyam . As you all probably know, the theoretical application  of Nandikeswara’s Abhinayadarpana started with the establishment of Kalakshetra, where Naatya Saastra and Abinayadarpana became […]

Inauguration of AVAI at Apsaras Arts

On 10th July 2021, AVAI @ Apsaras Arts, a performance space for Indian Performing Arts in Singapore was inaugurated. When we scouted around for names for Apsaras Arts’ own performing venue – an idea that was born nearly five years ago and is finally finding fruition – we were keen for it to be a […]

Thursday Talkies –  @akumarasamy 

“in conversation on anything and everything about dance” An Instagram bi-series which began in February 2021, on the first Thursday of the monthat 8pm SGT  has taken the classical dance industry by storm. Moderated by Aravinth Kumarasamy and Seema Hari Kumar, each 30 minute session features a discussion topic on current trends and issues in […]

A Passion for Dance 

Yamini Krishnamurti With Renuka Khandekar Yamini Poornatilaka Krishnamurti, a little tomboy growing up in the temple town of Chidambaram, felt strangely drawn towards the dancing figures sculpted on the temple walls. When the time came for her to settle down to a formal school education, she astonished her family by declaring she would rather learn […]

To Help Us Survive This Agony, Classical Arts Must Be Authentic Not Tokenistic

As the world settles into a cautious new normal, practitioners of classical dance and music can contribute to replenishing our inner reserves. By Malavika Sarukkai India is breathless and in agony as its people struggle to come to terms with the pandemic and its toxic fallout. The images of death and despair that flood the […]

Breaking the Sound Barrier – the Sai Shravanam way 

on June 20th 2021 Sai Shravanam shared insights on how he creates a musical score and demonstrated with his latest work “Rivers of India” released two months ago. This provided a detailed look at how voices, instruments are merged and synthesised and creative elements get incorporated in his creations resulting in a fresh perspective coherent with corresponding […]