A dance tribute by one thousand Bharatnatyam dancers to the Lord of Dance

By Loganayagi Govindarajan Back in 2010 , Apsaras Arts was invited to participate in the celebration of Thanjavur Big Temple (Periya Kovil) for turning 1000 years old. The temple was called The Brihadeeswara temple in the town of Thanjavur, southwest of Chennai. This ancient temple was built by Raja Raja Chola in 1010 AD for […]

An Interview with Dr Uma Rajan – accomplished dancer and arts administrator

By Vidhya Nair VN: How did you come to be introduced to the Satyalingams & what were your first impressions? UR: I met them both soon after they arrived, probably 1974-5 at an Air India party (her husband Rajan was Reservations Manager with Air India at the time). Both Neila and Sathyalingam were of course much […]

Radhika and Muddupalani Intertwined, Sthree and Churning Waters

Priyadarsini Govind and Dr. Priya Srinivasan (A version of these articles were printed on The Hindu in 2020) Which other woman of my kind has felicitated scholars with such gifts and money?To which other women of my kind have epics been dedicated?Which other woman of my kind has won such acclaim in each of the […]

Master of Arts: A Life in Dance 

By Tulsi Badrinath Master of Arts: A Life in Dance Male dancers provoke extreme reactions-Who wants to watch hairy sweaty men dance half-naked? or Oh, they are so effeminate. Must be gay! or They would not find a job anywhere, thats why they have come to this field. The author, who learnt dance at a […]