In-Sights for Aavartana 

Our In-Sights section of Aavartana is our platform to share the many events, initiatives and happenings in the world of Apsaras Arts. We are looking forward to 2022 and all the many things it has to offer and we are hoping to make the most of it all. So, here’s a lowdown on events brewing, […]

Point of View

Canada-based dancer-choreographer and founder of Sampradaya Dance Creations in Toronto, Canada, shares her thoughts on the impact of the pandemic on her company and the arts in general.  The pandemic was unprecedented and dramatic in its impact on the arts across the globe. One was totally unprepared for having to shut down and to cease […]

The France Tour

A detailed report of Apsaras Arts tour to France Over the years, France, as a country, has emerged as a hub for the performing arts and is an important destination in the international touring calendar of Apsaras Arts. We, at Apsaras Arts, have had the privilege of visiting France with our work and workshops for […]


Inspired by our campaign, #iamayoungdancer that we began in 2019, we, at Apsaras Arts, have been keen to listen to the voices of young dancers from across the globe. In an attempt to allow them an opportunity to share their challenges and aspirations, and do that with a peer, our section #iamayoungdancer, that unfolds as […]

The Bookshelf

Books Banter “What can Henry David Thoreau teach me about dance, wonders New York-based dancer-choreographer and academic, Maya Kulkarni letting us foray into Thoreau’s writing and her own response to it “ I have been re-reading Henry David Thoreau’s works, the Walden Pond, an all-time American Classic, particularly The Winter Walk, he wrote in 1843. […]

De-Constructing Tryambakam

” Where Odissi exponent, Ramli Ibrahim, allows us insights into how Tryambakam was re-envisaged from a solo dance to an all-male group production for the camera “ Ramli ji, why did you feel the need to re-envisage a solo work like Tryambakam into a group work and also adapt it to film? Usually, we would […]

Interview with Thiruchittampalam Ramanan

An Interview with Thiruchittampalam Ramanan, considered the Pride of Singapore, a mridangist with over 1500 programmes, in his kitty : By Vidhya Nair Let us start from the very beginning. Tell us about yourself and your family I was born in Malaysia in the 1960s. My father worked for the Malaysian railways and married my […]

From the Desk

In 2016, with an intent to share – and on a timely, regular basis – the many stories brewing in the house of Apsaras Arts, we launched Aavartana, a newsletter, a periodical, literally inspired by the word, Aavartna, a musical term, which literally means cycle of a set rhythmic pattern.  As a monthly periodical that […]