Odissi Dance Exchange: ODE by ETHOS

Over the months of May to July, Soumee De, Odissi faculty of Apsaras Arts, curated a series of webcast session for dance students, performers and teachers by inviting scholars, researchers and experts to share their practice, knowledge and experiences over an interactive dialogue. Over 10 episodes on Friday evenings, this series featured eminent speakers on […]

Spotlight Series Sessions in June-July 2020

On 21st June, H.E Javed Ashraf, High Commissioner of India at Singapore, spoke on “Transcending Boundaries – The Power of India’s Cultural Heritage” at the virtual Spotlight Series. Speaking off the cuff from the High Commission of India, on a Sunday which was coincidentally International Day of Yoga, he spoke with eloquence and depth on […]

On the Virtual Stage

June-July round-up of the virtual stage: From preparation for the re-opening of the studios in compliance with safe distancing measures to the continuation of digital performances online, from in depth interviews to the launch of digital live shows; from solo performances to group choreographies, here is a digest of the activities by Apasrasa Arts teams […]

Travel Diary

A trip down the memory lane with Anjasa International Tours Dance often has the ability to communicate, move, evoke, and entertain, but seldom does it have the power to take the rasika on a trip around the world while in the comforts of cushioned theatre seats. Anjasa, does just this. Though my relationship with this […]

From the Book Shelf July 2020

KATHAK The Dance of Storytellers By Rachna Ramya Kathak – The Dance of the Story Tellers explores the philosophical and practice aspects of Kathak dance – its origin, development and techniques. Investigating this compelling dance style from cultural and historical perspectives, the book delves into the essential principles of Kathak, its schools and major artistes, the format […]

Añjasa – Unravel the Wonders of Buddhist Monuments

By Aravinth KumarasamyAnjasa means “path” in Pali, and this production has led me and the artistes along a memorable journey, understanding, admiring and appreciating the spirit of Asians in their pursuit in search for peace and enlightenment. The “path” to the making of Añjasa has been very fulfilling,” says, Aravinth Kumarasamy, Artistic Director. This production […]