Anjana: Mother of Hanuman

An insight from the concept of Anjaneyam: Hanuman’s Ramayana Hanuman was born to the humanoid creatures called the vanaras. His mother Anjana was an Apsara named Puñjikastalā, who was born on earth as a vanara princess due to a curse from sage Durvasa, and she married Kesari, a vanara chief. She was redeemed from this […]

Anjaneyam: Hanuman’s Ramayana

Synopsis For centuries, the ancient Indian epic The Ramayana has captured the imagination of Asia with its universal themes of righteousness, love, loyalty and frailty. One of the most beloved characters in the story is the monkey god Hanuman, who plays a crucial role in Prince Rama’s quest to rescue his wife, Sita, from the […]

European Tour

Mohanapriyan Thavarajah from Apsaras Arts will be on an European tour during September 2017 performing a collection of thematic solo Bharatanatyam performances, including “Dances of Divinity”, “Tamizh Bharatha Maalai” and “Tandav”. Mohanapriyan will be conducting a workshop for Milapfest on Saturday 22nd at Liverpool.Please find the following details of the shows and ticket details. Paris Centre Mandapa Saturday […]


Following the tradition being followed in the past many decades, dancers from the Apsaras Arts Dance Company and dance students from Apsaras Arts Academy will be performing for the annual Navarathri celebrations across Singapore. Please see details below Sri Vadapathira Kaliamman Temple 555 Serangoon Rd, Singapore 218174 on Friday 22nd September, 2017, 8:50 pm Sri […]


On Vijayadasami day which falls on the tenth day of Navarathri, it is a tradition to pay respects to your Gurus and to partake in the Vidhyarambam observation where very young children and anyone who wants to pick up a new art from are initiated in to the learning.  Please find the following details on […]

Apsaras Arts at UTSAV

Apsaras Arts Academy students at UTSAV 2017 Street Parade, heralding in the Deepavali festivities with cultural performances by local and international artistes. The performance by Apsaras Arts Academy students was themed as “Apsaras in the Gardens” and featured Kathak and Bharatanatyam genres of Indian classical dance. Dance students as young as 4 years were part […]

Literary Marvels of Kambar

A symposium on the Tamil literary marvels by the poet Kambar by Apsaras Arts in collaboration with Umar Pulavar Tamil Language Centre Kambar was a medieval Tamil poet and the author of the Ramavataram, popularly known as Kambaramayanam, the Tamil version of the Ramayana. The Ramavataram is an epic of about 11,000 stanzas, is not a verbal translation of the Sanskrit epic by the poet Valmiki, but a retelling of the tale in […]

Hanuman Chalisa Chanting

A community engagement event organised by Apsaras Arts supported by the Hindu Endowment Board, Singapore The Hanuman Chalisa, is a Hindu devotional hymn (stotra) addressed to Hanuman. It is traditionally believed to have been authored by 16th-century poet Tulsidas in the Awadhi language, and is his best known text apart from the Ramcharitmanas by the […]

Behind the Scenes of Apsaras Arts’ Anjaneyam – Hanuman’s Ramayana

At this dance video talk, the audience will be able to hear more on the concept from its artistic director Aravinth Kumarasamy and catch a sneak preview of Javanese and Indian dance sequences. This talk is presented by Esplanade Theatres on the Bay as part of da:ns festival 2017. Date : Saturday 21st October 2017 Time […]


Ravana is the primary antagonist in the ancient Hindu epic Ramayana where he is depicted as a Rakshasa, the Great king of Lanka. Ravana is the son of Vishrava and Kaikesi and grandson of Pulastya. Ravana, a devotee of Shiva, is depicted and described as a great scholar, a capable ruler and a maestro of […]