Sambashanam – A Mārgam in Conversation by Sathvikaa Shankar

A Conversation in Dance By Sathvikaa Shanka Sun 10th March 2019 Black Box, Stamford Arts Centre / 6pm / Duration 60min DARSHANA – Intimate Dance Series presents Bharatanatyam dance artiste Sathvikaa Shankar in “Sambashanam – Conversation in Dance”. In this thematic solo presentation, Sathvikaa will portray the conversations between different characters usually depicted in the story […]

Dance India Asia-Pacific Showcase

VIVARTANA BY RAMA VAIDYANATHAN AND ENSEMBLE  Bharatanatyam  13 Jun 2019 / Esplanade Theatre Studio / 8pm  “Dance transforms my pulse to pace with rhythm And I become one with rhythm Dance transforms the space around me And I become one with space Dance transforms my body from still to motion And I become one with movement Dance transforms my soul from […]

Samyoga – The Bond Between Man & Woman

The Bond Between Man & Woman  By P.N Vikas & Sreeliji Sreedharan  Sat 11th May 2019 Black Box, Stamford Arts Centre / 8pm / Duration 60min  DARSHANA – Intimate Dance Series presents SAMYOGA is a thematic Bharatanatyam duet performance illustrating the bond between man and woman. The concept of hero and heroine dominates in most […]

Melbourne Trinity Festival 2019

“Ode to Thygarajah “ Bharatanatyam Performance by Mohanapriyan Thavarajah Venue : Kel Watson Theatre, Melbourne, Australia Date : 26th May 2019 Time : 8pm

Mohini – The Divine Enchantress by Seema Harikumar

Mohini – The Divine Enchantress  Bharatanatyam Dance-Theatre Production  Featuring :  Seema Harikumar Venue : Stamford Arts Centre  Date:  06/09/2019  at 8pm   /  07/09/ 2019 at 4pm   Synopsis:  In Hindu mythology, Mohini is depicted as a femme fatale who uses mysticism and charm to distract and suppress her opponents. At the same time, we also […]

Parama Padam – Malaysia Premier

Parama Padam – The Life’s Game of Snakes & Ladders A Dance-Theatre Production Presented by Sutra Foundation, Malaysia & Apsaras Arts Ltd, Singapore Featuring : Mohanapriyan Thavarajah Venue : Shantanand Auditorium, TFA KL Date : 3rd Aug 2019 Time : 8pm Parama Padam is an ancient Indian board game which was created in ancient India. […]

Nupur Lahari – The tales of Anklet bells by Shivangi Dake Robert

  Nupur Lahari – The Tales of Anklet bells  A thematic Kathak solo performance.   Featuring Shivangi Dake Robert  Venue : Stamford Arts Centre  Date:  08/09/2019  at 6pm   Synopsis: The term “Kathak” is derived from the Sanskrit word Katha which means “story”, and Kathakar which means “the one who tells a story”. Kathakars communicated stories […]

Parama Param – Le jeu de la vie

France Premier of Parama Padam  Spectacle de dance Bharata Natyam   Mohanapriyan Thavarajah Dimanche 20 octobre 2019 à 18h Au  Centre Mandapa, Paris, France   Bharata natyam Spectacle précédé de l’initiation au jeu. Inspirée par le jeu ” snakes and ladders ” dont le diagramme est reproduit sur le sol, la chorégraphie suit l’itinéraire de […]

Dance Heritage Tour by Apsaras Arts 

Dance Heritage Tour by Apsaras Arts  16th – 20th December 2019 Join us on a journey to visit some of the key institutions and places of significance to Bharatanatyam in Tamil Nadu, India. Listen to the dance scholars , historians and experts as they unravel the mysteries and guide you on these visits. This 6 day […]